Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Natura Pak modified atmosphere is a system that controls the humidity and sweating for extending shelf and transportation lives of vegetables and fruits. After sealing closing a Natura Pak bag, the bag reduces the amount of oxygen, increases the amount of carbon dioxide inside and according to these it , hence decreases the natural respiration of the product. Natura Pak bags are designed for each vegetables/fruits the specific carbondioxide and oxygen balance of each vegetable/fruit. When the vegetables/fruit breathe, the humidity level rises up to 90-95%. Natura Pak technology allows only to get excessive moisture to get out and prevents dehydration. Natura Pak bags are manufactured with using gas shift capable semi permeable film. Semi permeable character of the film depends on the activity of smart molecules in the inherint structure of the film. The bag does not create conceive a saturated environment that would cause spoilage of the fresh products. Thanks to these thus it prevents rotting, spoiling, ageing and maturing.

Natura Pak MAP Technology
  • It blocks ethylene formation and biosynthesis and in this way it slows the product ageing and maturing down blocks ethylene formation and biosynthesis.
  • While the products nutrient reserves loss slowdown, the existence of the sugar, A and C vitamins, nutritional value and natural tast are saved. After the loss of nutrition reserve is slowed down, the products preserves its sugar, A and C vitamins and natural flavor
  • It directly blocks the growth of any materials or microorganisms that cause illness and reduces spoiling and rotting. Because it directly blocks growth of any materials or microorganisms that cause illnesses, it reduces spoiling and rotting

Why Natura Pak Modified Bag?
Natura Pak bags are used for packaging vegetables and fruits by the leading companies of the sector, marketshare, sales and income. It guaranteed to increase the sales and market share, is seem as an element of income. It is considered as a cause for guaranteed increase in.

Benefits of Natura Pak Bags
  • It helps to keep the products keep fresh
  • It extends the retention period storage and shelf lives of the products
  • It preserves the nutritional value and the tast.nutrition and flavor
  • It takes the function like a bridge in seasonal gaps.It bridges seasonal gaps
  • It reduces logictics costs

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